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Whether you are a goldsmith, a jeweler, an asset manager, or a diamond business—Being part of the Jonah Levi culture is the proven path to making your business more profitable and get results.

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  • Examine diamonds in-depth before buying
    Our clients enjoy 360° Full HD clips of diamonds they are interested in before they buy. They can thoroughly inspect and examine just as they would in real life without leaving their office. They also get a 20x magnification image and the Hearts and Arrows file of their stone. Download a sample .zip to have a look at what you will get before buying from us.
  • Trusted and reputable grading institutions
    We offer only diamonds which are certified by trustworthy and established institutions, such as GIA, HRD Antwerp, and IGI. Thus making sure, that you know what you get. Each time.
  • Don't pay more than you should
    We are having weekly sales where we offer GIA certified diamonds at tremendous, unbeatable discounts of up to 65% against Rapaport.
  • A rich variety and functional and rare stock
    Whether you are looking to buy small mêlée diamonds for your pavé settings or prestige statement stones, we can service you with over 200 freshly cut and certified diamonds each week, from round to fancy cuts alike. And don't forget incredibly rare intense fancy diamonds—we have those as well.
  • Enjoy full protection and total security
    We only use convenient and secure payment methods and your diamonds are guaranteed 100% insured and safe with our world-class logistic partners. You are in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers you were looking for
Who can become a client?

Jonah Levi supplies diamonds to professional clients such as jewelery designers, jewelers, and asset managers—we mostly deal B2B. However, on case to case basis we also supply end clients with diamonds and custom made jewelery. Some conditions apply.

How do I become a client?

In order to become a client, you need to fill in the form above. We will get in touch with you to get to know you and fully understand your needs. This will ensure that you will get the best service and price possible, and also is required by law from our side to counteract money laundering and terrorism financing.

Which diamonds are you offering?

We are servicing our clients with natural, polished, certified and uncertified diamonds. Where we deal with certified diamonds, we offer GIA, HRD Antwerp, and IGI Certificates. We also offer diamonds that are CanadaMark and ForeverMark eligible. We also engage in dealing with fancies.

Is it safe to order from Jonah Levi?

Yes, it is safe to order from Jonah Levi. We are licensed and regulated by German law and use industry-standard technologies, payment processors, and high security logistic services to deliver your orders safely, securely, and timely.

How do I place an order?

You can either place an order via Mail or Phone. We currently do not operate an e-commerce shop, as the maintenance would eat up too many recourses that we want to allocate to serve you in a more personal manner.

What are the payment methods?

We preferably offer wire transfer, but also accept PayPal for new clients, and all Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Please note, that other payment methods as wire transfer may delay your order.

Please also note, that we do accept orders on consignment only on a case by case basis after five transactions.

How is your shipping policy?

We usually ship within three working days after receiving your payment. Depending on the value of the diamond and the customer's preferences, we either use FedEx or Brink's, Ferrari Logistics, or Malca-Amit.

When will I receive my order?

You should receive your order withing three days after it was shipped.

What's your return policy?

All of our sales are final, as the characteristic of sourcing our diamonds does not leave room for returns. On a case by case basis we may however accept returns against credit.

Will I be charged tax in my country?

All sales are net sales. Head over to to check whether you need to pay any duty or taxes.

How do you deal with the problem of conflict diamonds?

Jonah Levi has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We have taken vigorous steps to assure that conflict diamonds do never enter our inventory, and source our materials and diamonds in an ethical and sustainable manner. Jonah Levi buys diamonds directly from ethically committed entities, and always from countries that are participants in the Kimberley Process.

What are you doing to protect the environment?

We view the protection of the environment as both a moral obligation and as a business imperative. We are committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.

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