Color describes the degree of yellow within a diamond. It is one of the main parameters that are important in order to determine a diamond’s beauty and value. The GIA grading scale identifies colorless through yellowish/brownish colored diamonds.

The Color Scale

The GIA has come forward with a rating scale that grades the color of a diamond. Starting at D and ending at Z. A D colored diamond is considered to have the best possible grade it can receive and is said to be virtually colorless. In consequence, diamonds with this grade are comparatively rarer and more valuable.

A diamond with a better color rate will appear neater, clearer and crisper to the unaided eye. Generally speaking, the industry has five categories to determine the color class a diamond falls into. For most jewelery houses, the first two categories fall within their standard, i.e., (a) colorless, for diamonds that are either D, E, or F rated and (b) near colorless for G, H, I, and J rated diamonds. (c) faint yellow, (d) very light yellow, and (e) light yellow are usually not considered to be qualified enough.

Jonah Levi Co. Standards

At Jonah Levi Co., we rigorously adhere to our selection standards for diamond colors and only pick colorless diamonds for our round accent stones and main diamonds.