At Jonah Levi Co., a diamond’s cut is regarded as the highest valued parameter of the 4Cs. While a diamond’s color, clarity and carat are predetermined, the cut remains an art and the mastery this craft — to cut a rough diamond into a polished masterpiece — is developed over years of practice. A proper cut is able to introduce life, brilliance, and sparkle to the rough stone. An improper cut will fail to do so and will render the stone dull and lifeless.

Sometimes there appears to be a confusion regarding a diamond’s cut and its shape. The latter is a characteristic that describes the outline, the external form of a diamond. Diamond shapes are, e.g., round, marquise, cushion, oval, emerald, among others. This is a subjective decision that does not reflect upon the quality of the stone. The cut, however, describes the diamond’s quality of the diamond’s ability to properly reflect light. This a totally objective parameter that results in the stone’s ability to express brilliance and sparkle.

Fire, sparkle & Brilliance

For round diamonds, the GIA has introduced a grading system that is based upon seven parameters. (a) Brightness, i.e., the total light that is reflected from a diamond, (b) fire, i.e., the dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum, and (c) scintillation, i.e., the pattern of light and dark areas that appear, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved. Those parameters are appearance-based. The remaining parameters, i.e., weight ratio, durability, polish and symmetry, are design or craftsmanship based.

After evaluating the above mentioned parameters, the diamond in question receives a cutting grade. Those grades range from excellent to poor and are available only for round diamonds, not fancy ones. The rationale for that decision is that fancy shapes have some sort of variability in their shape in contrast to round diamonds.

Jonah Levi Co. Standards

At Jonah Levi Co., we have the strictest standards in the world when it comes to selecting our diamonds, because we understand the deep and fundamental impact this parameter has on the beauty of a diamond. Our storing process starts with diamonds that are excellent, but doesn’t stop there. We have developed own standards that allow us to choose the most beautiful diamonds for our pieces.