All of our works are profoundly influenced by various elements of life together with our holistic vision, deep passion and truthful commitment that we feel for our process of creation. Timeless elegance of the highest quality — that’s what Jonah Levi stands for.

New findings in the sphere of unique and different jewelery are expressed with meticulous nuances in the luxurious details of a Jonah Levi piece.

We discover diamonds based on our steadfast principles

Unbiased &
on demand

We don’t own larger main stones that we offer you during our bespoke process — we find them for you. Eliminating this conflict of interest that most jewelery houses face by only offering you stones that we would buy ourselves has a substantial impact on the value that we render for you.

Highest quality

The fundamental building block of our philosophy is to deliver uncompromising and consistent first-class workmanship. We pride ourselves on hand-selecting each diamond and only process those diamonds in our works that are virtually colorless and of highest clarity.

Safety through

We only buy main-stones that are GIA certified — the only true authority amongst diamond dealers. Other laboratories are known to certify rather laxly, thereby grading higher and giving you the false suggestion of safety in regards to quality and value.

Most jewelers select their diamonds based on the 4Cs, as those are easily understandable criteria. Although the 4Cs are an accepted and standardized method of grading a diamond in regards of its rarity and consequently its price, those criteria are utterly insufficient in efforts to determine the true beauty and hence the desirability of a diamond.

While two diamonds may have the same 4Cs on their certificates and be equal in terms of price, you still may evidently see the difference in their make, when comparing both side-by-side. There will always be something differentin one diamond compared to the other. Far beyond the obligatory inspection of the 4Cs, the art of grading by the stone’s proportionality, symmetry, luster and other considerations is what allows us to choose the most exquisite diamonds.

Therefore it seems rightful to state, that the identification of the most beautiful make is a substantial matter of æsthetics, intuition and distinctive taste.

The make of a diamond is essential

The make describes a diamond’s holistic appearance, based on the combined optical influence of its cut, proportion, symmetry, luster, and many other discernible idiosyncrasies. To select diamonds of the finest make, one has to perform at the highest levels of taste, persistence and passion.

Our Diamonds

Diamonds should never be chosen based on their 4Cs on their certificate, as they are either made for profit or for beauty. As most jewelers choose their diamonds based on the 4Cs, they render themselves unable to distinguish an average diamond from the one with the finest make. Our works are of substantial added value to our clients as we identify the most sought after diamonds for our clients.

Our Craftsmanship

Setting diamonds in an acclaimed manner is one of the aspects that renders a piece of finest quality. Minuscule details and excellent execution of craftsmanship are features that you and everyone else will notice right away. Naturally, the quality of our diamonds creates an unmatched shining-white brilliance. Each and every detail makes a Jonah Levi Co. piece not only a highly valued object, but also a highly sought after feeling.

Many regard the fabrication of jewelery as mere profession — we regard it as our identity.