1. Payment

Settling of invoices may be conducted via advanced payment or PayPal. If you would like to pay via advanced payment, please wire the total amount within three weekdays to the account indicated on the invoice. As soon as we have received and checked your payment, we will forward your order to our in-house workshop. You will be informed about these procedures via email. Please note that settling of invoices by third parties could result in delays or cancellations of your order.

2. Delivery through Secured Delivery or a delivery service provider

As soon as your products are manufactured, they will be handed over to our delivery service provider. You will be informed about this procedure. You may not choose a particular delivery date or time. Please ensure that there are no collateral agreements present with the delivery service provider as a reliable delivery could fail in such a case.

Orders above 25.000,00€ will be subject to delivery by means of our Secured Delivery Provider. You will be asked for a specific delivery date and time by one of the provider’s employees. Please make sure you have your ID card with you for verification purposes with the Secured Delivery Provider.

The Secured Delivery Provider will attempt two deliveries to the agreed upon address. Please refer to the notification in your physical mail box for further information. Our delivery obligation is thereby regarded as fulfilled.