A diamond’s beauty, desirability and value is determined by its hard factors such as cut, color, clarity and carat, known as the 4Cs of diamond quality. While color, clarity and carat are parameters predetermined by nature, a diamond’s cut is obtained by the hands of the skilled master cutter.

Each and every diamond we set in our jewellery is carefully sorted to meet our rigorous standards. When cut with beauty and desirability in mind, not carat weight and therefore profit, diamonds show their true brilliance and fire so that they can become an integral part of a Jonah Levi Co. piece.

Diamond Cut

A diamond’s cut is unarguably the most impactful parameter of a diamond’s anatomy. While a high color and clarity class may constitute a fundamental part of a diamond’s beauty, a poorly cut diamond will lack fire, i.e. the beautiful sparkle and life that is so characteristic for Jonah Levi Co. diamonds. In order to achieve the aim of an excellent cut diamond, the industry’s only diamond grading authority — the GIA — has formulated procedures for crafting.

Jonah Levi Co. adheres to these principles and procedures and does not settle for less than absolute excellence in terms of cut. Our strict philosophy is of vital importance and one of the main reasons why our diamonds show marvellous brilliance and fire like diamonds should.

Diamond Color

Generally speaking, the visibility of a yellowish tint, which is obtained from nitrogen during the forming process of a diamond, is what the color parameter measures. The higher the amount of nitrogen within a diamond, the more yellow it will appear to the observer.

The GIA has defined a color scale which accurately captures the minuscule nuances of a diamond’s color. This scale starts a D, which means colorless, and ends at Z, which indicates a very strong yellowish tint. At Jonah Levi Co., we adhere to strict selection of diamonds that are colourless. Only D, E, and F diamonds are used in the creation process of our round and fancy cut diamonds.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity is a measurement that captures the inclusions within a diamond. Those inclusions are normal and natural, as they form through the process of formation of a diamond over the millions of years that it takes. The GIA, the only diamond grading authority, grades diamonds from FL, i.e., flawless to I3, i.e., included 3. The former value of the clarity parameter indicates that a diamond is free from any internal or external inclusions, while the latter indicates that a diamond is heavily included and its inclusions are very evident to the naked eye.

Diamonds with a large, flat top as the assher or the emerald cut are prone to exhibit inclusions more easily than alternative cuts with a rather small table, such as rounds and especially marquise. At Jonah Levi Co., we sort diamonds and select only the best, i.e., FL, IF, and VVS1/VVS2. Those diamonds are not visible to the unaided eye and appear virtually clean and superior.

Carat Weight

The carat weight is unarguably the most intuitive, as it simply measures the weight, not size, of a diamond in question. One carat is equal to 200mg. The size of a diamond is very much subject to the cut it receives and generally speaking, a heavier diamond is only visually more appealing if it is cut for beauty.

At Jonah Levi Co., we choose diamonds that are cut for desirability and beauty, not for weight and profit. We work with the best diamond cutters in the world who always choose to maximize a stone’s brilliance — even if that means they receive a stone that weighs less than it could.